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Innovative engineering allows us to provide the best option for portable irrigation. Check out our complete line of turbine drive traveling sprinklers to discover the benefits of owning a Micro Rain system today! We service Richmond Virginia and surrounding areas.

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Micro Rain arena watering systems are the latest innovation in arena watering. Today's horse owners know the importance of maintaining moisture content in their arena to insure proper footing and control dust to keep horse and rider healthy. Micro Rain systems provide the labor free solution to watering dusty arenas!

Sime spinner guns operate smooth as silk, are gentle on tender crops and can operate on lower pressures than many big sprinklers. Continuous rotation, slow reversing speeds, and uniform water patterns make them an ideal selection for center pivots, travelers, or stationary gun stands. No tools are required to change from part circle to full circle and nozzles are interchangeable by hand.

Layman Water Solutions of Virginia

Micro Rain travelers have years of proven field service and simply do the job! Constructed with a durable all-metal chassis and drum design, these machines are built to stand up to years of use. At the heart of the Micro Rain is the rugged and reliable turbine drive system. Smooth and efficient power is developed as the water flows past the fins of the turbine impeller, powering our direct mounted gearbox system to drive the reel. All water entering the turbine remains in the system and passes through the sprinkler head, eliminating any need for water to be wasted or dumped around the machine unlike other drive systems.

The Micro Rain system can use a variety of water sources, such as wells, lakes, rivers, municipal water or grey water from lagoons. The turbine drive system has earned the reputation of being very forgiving when faced with water quality issues such as high mineral contents, grit and sand.


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We service Chesterfield and most surrounding areas.

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